Jun 15

Cygnus Loop (2021)

Once again I captured the Cygnus Loop during the last two fantastic nights 🙂The first night I’d to fight with wind… half of the subs were unusable…Yesterday was perfect! No wind and absolutely clear sky… Unsure how much star size reduction… I chosed this “medium” version 😉 Details

Jun 2

Dark Shark Nebula

This was a bit challenging after 3 years break. I simply didn’t take the moon into account… 🙁 I started to capture the Dark Shark Nebula a few days ago when the moon was already visible from midnight. Bad idea…Even at 4° altitude above horizon the Moon reflects too much light to capture dark nebulae, […]

May 31

Propeller Nebula

My first shot of the Propeller Nebula in the “nebula-rich” Cygnus region. 2h21′ integration. Captured on my balkony. 2x drizzled, resized to original resolution (50%). Details Propeller Nebula cropped:

Nov 23

IC405 Flaming Star Nebula

After weeks of bad weather finally a clear night. I started shooting 10 minutes after setup, so the lens had to cool down during the session. I had to re-focus every 20 minutes… Drizzled 2x, resized to original resolution. Details

Oct 21

NGC1499 2016-2017

This is the result of my first attempt to combine my 2016 and 2017 image with different exposure in PI. Both sessions @ f/5.6, Total integration time 214min. Details

Oct 16

Bubble Nebula Wide Field

Since days very good weather conditions. It’s a complete different thing to photograph with a modified DSLR compared to last years image. 2021 reprocessed with slightly different/new processing steps. 2x drizzled, scaled down to original resolution. The old version is still available on AstroBin. Details  

Oct 15

B 22 Taurus Dark Cloud (4′)

The weather is still good 🙂 Again B22 Taurus dark cloud nebula. This time 240s exposure instead of 120s. Much better result than my first image. Details Now I have more than 5 hours lights. Combined image from 2 sessions (46 x 240s + 74 x 120s = 332minutes) Session 2 image (46 x 240s, […]

Oct 14

B 22 Taurus Dark Cloud (2′)

A very special object. NGC2087 surrounded by Barnard 22 interstellar matter. I had no idea what to expect regarding to a single 120s preview image… I like the result but it will be worth to invest more time in it 😉 Details

Oct 12

NGC281 Pacman Nebula

I was surprised by the fact, that I never shot the Pacman Nebula during the last 2 years. So this evening was a good possibility for it 🙂 f/5.6, drizzled 2x Details