Aug 1

GEM28 – Gear Mesh Adjustment

The results of my last MGEN exposure recordings exposed that the DEC axis gear meshing is too tight. On the graph it’s visible that the DEC axis stays on one side for a long time and then suddenly switches to the other side. According to the MGEN manual this means that the gear meshing is […]

Jul 29

Battery Replacement

I purchased my first 17Ah SkyWatcher PowerTank right after my first telescope in 2015. Because I didn’t care much about it (I didn’t reloaded it after every use!) the battery died very quickly. So I buyed a second one in 2016. The second power tank I use until today (huge difference in lifespan, if you […]

Jul 24

Astronomik UV-IR block filter

Recently I expanded my ultra-small filter collection (so far only the CLS-CCD filter) with the Astronomik UV-IR block L-2 and L-3 filter. The CLS-CCD (City Light Suppression) filter blocks light pollution wavelengths and consequently also colors in that range. The CLS-CCD filter blocks up to 450 nm, between 520 and 620 nm and from 690 […]

Jul 19

First Light – iOptron GEM28

Finally clear sky for the next few days… still small clouds but the conditions yesterday were good enough to test my new iOptron GEM28 mount. I know the dovetail solution with the EOS 70D, EF 400mm and guidescope side-by-side is not ideal regarding balance… Unfortunately I’ve no other possibility to attach my equipment right now. […]

Jul 16

GEM28 – First Impressions

After almost 2 weeks with the iOptron GEM28 I want to share my first impressions, even if I still were not able to test the mount in the field due to bad weather… So far, I found 2 issues: Saddle Locking Knob scratches on the DEC unit Polaris seems to be on a wrong position […]

Jul 10

Refraction Correction

Again I’ve learned something new about the polar alignment πŸ™‚ : Polaris can be at different positions in some apps that takes into account refraction correction! Wrong position of Polaris? The iOptron GEM28 mount has a polar finder section on the hand controller. But the position of Polaris seemed to be wrong, compared to the […]

Jul 6

iOptron GEM28

6 years ago I started astrophotography with the SkyWatcher Star Adventurer and finally the next step on my journey is taken πŸ™‚ My new mount is here! The iOptron GEM28. The mount head only weights 4.5 kg, but is capable to carry 12.7kg payload, for astrophotography 8-9kg should be optimal. And it’s still very portable. […]

Jun 7

How important are Darks?

Recently this YouTube video was posted in a forum thread on AstroBin where it’s suggested not to use dark frames for DSLR deep-sky astrophotography! Since this would be really a huge time saver, I took the last weeks data of my Propeller Nebula session to create different stacking combinations to find out, if there is […]

Jun 4

It’s worth doing Flat Frames

Unfortunately I never created flat frames in the past. It seemed laborious to me. White T-Shirt and so on… I didn’t realize that I was already equipped to make flat frames. My netbook with a non-reflecting display (Asus X205T). It’s really worth to take flat frames. It removes vignette and any particles on the lense, […]

Nov 16

Illuminator Adapter

I got a new 3D printed polar scope illuminator adapter for my Star Adventurer. It should be delivered with the Star Adventurer… IMO it’s absolutely neccessary to be able checking polar alignment with all equipment mounted, or simply to check polaris position during a session. And this is the new, 3D printed adapter (with illuminator): […]