Oct 28

GEM28 – La(te)st Update Part VI

Basically, I could stop testing… finally! After 3 1/2 months reading manuals, forum exchange, adjusting almost everything, buying new equipment I reach now 100% sub exposures utilization. And after initial reluctance, I also adjusted the DEC axis stiction, which increased the DEC performance again. Only the occasional dropouts/freezes/crashes are still happen sometimes! Even with the […]

Oct 12

GEM28 – Latest Update Part V

Go to GEM28 – Latest Update Part VI And the show must go on 😉 Here are the results of my last two tests. On Saturday it started and ended cloudy, Sunday was a perfect night! Thats great, because I was able to adjust parameters right after the first sessions data analysis and test it […]

Oct 2

GEM28 – Latest Update Part IV

Go to GEM28 – Latest Update Part V Finally I get acceptable results with my GEM28. Even if I have to adjust the DEC axis a little bit more, the performance yesterday was outstanding. My new setup seems to work fine. After the recordings I started a regular session (IC 1805 – Heart Nebula). Surprisingly […]

Oct 1

New Setup

To be honest, my new setup was a “happy accident”. A few days ago I ordered a new guide scope with metal tube rings to replace the current one, which is mounted on a tall finder scope bracket. Unfortunately I received the wrong guide scope… The (currently unavailable) ordered version is black and has 180mm […]

Sep 26

GEM28 – Latest Update Part III

Go to GEM28 – Latest Update Part IV Luckily I was able to continue my tests… finally clear sky for at least a week. I started with a serie of guided 10 minutes exposures. Guide speed this time 0.25x for DEC (before: 0.90x). Adjusted gear mesh for this test: RA -1/2 turn, DEC -3/4 turn […]

Sep 24

GEM28 – Latest Update Part II

Go to GEM28 – Latest Update Part III Update Sept. 25, 2021 After analysis of the guided material, at least one positive thing resulted: I never reached that good eccentricity values before. This is very sursprising because the MGEN values doesn’t look very well, once again… The best sub exposures are IMG_1453 and IMG_1455, since […]

Sep 12

GEM28 – Latest Update Part I

Go to GEM28 – Latest Update Part II UPDATE Sept. 22, 2021 It’s really an adventure with my GEM28. Differential Flexure is likely not responsible for my guiding errors, but at least I learned something new 🙂 The Differential Flexure hint was given on this German forum thread:https://forum.astronomie.de/threads/staradventurer-2i-vs-eq5pro-vs-eqm35-vs-ioptron-gem28.312432/post-1610995 2 months ago I started this thread […]

Aug 21

iOptron GEM28 GoTo

I’ve used the GoTo system of the iOptron GEM28 for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed about the accuracy 🙂 The traditional 2 or 3 star alignment is ok, but the real precision comes from the Sync. to Target function. It enhances significant the GoTo accuracy. Enhance GoTo accuracy Before I start the […]

Aug 15

Polar Scope Calibration

Yesterday afternoon I aligned the polar scope reticle in vertical and horizontal direction towards a distant buidling because the night before I suspected that it’s not aligned well anymore. I was right! I’m not sure if this is my mistake. Before that all started, I transported the mount with attached counter weights from my balcony […]

Aug 1

GEM28 – Gear Mesh Adjustment

Update Sept. 25, 2021 Since the last gear meshing adjustment degraded the performance of my GEM28, especially for RA, I adjusted it again and recorded the whole process: iOptron GEM28 manual (Appendix C, page 36): https://www.ioptron.com/v/Manuals/G28_GEM28_Manual.pdf I’m still not sure what to read out from the MGEN curves… On the MGEN graph it’s visible that […]