Nov 16

Illuminator Adapter

I got a new 3D printed polar scope illuminator adapter for my Star Adventurer (Thank you, Stefan!!!). It should be delivered with the Star Adventurer… IMO it’s absolutely neccessary to be able checking polar alignment with all equipment mounted, or simply to check polaris position during a session. And this is the new, 3D printed […]

May 12

Bahtinov Mask 77mm

My first Bahtinov mask was for the Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L. On the EF 400mm f/5.6L, I had always problems to recognize the typical pattern in LiveView mode (10x). And in the last few months my images were sometimes a little bit out of focus… So I decided to buy a new Bahtinov mask for the Canon EF 400mm. It’s a Gerd […]

Apr 13

Measuring Periodic Error

Periodic error of my Star Adventurer x-axis: time in seconds, y-axis: arcseconds The peak-to-peak error of my Star Adventurer is about 87 arcsec (10 minutes period). I did some further measurements, all with fully loaded equipment (DSLR, 400mm lens, Guidescope). The first one is done on Feb 12, 2017. 2. measurement February 14, 2017, peak-to-peak: 78 arcsec (peak-to-peak) […]

Feb 10

Lacerta MGEN II Auto Guider

In this video I show my Lacerta MGEN-II autoguider setup for Skywatcher Star Adventurer. With this settings I reach 100% sub utilization at 400mm focal length and up to 240s exposure time. See all my guided 400mm images on Astrobin. With Star Adventurer guiding is possible only in RA axis. An accurate polar alignment is […]

Jan 30

Magic Lantern

MagicLantern adds great features to Canon EOS cameras. Some enhancements are usable for astrophotography too. Or perfect for time lapses.   Installation There is no installation for MagicLantern. Just copy it to your SD card and run the firmware update process in your DSLR. Detailed instructions here.   Intervalometer Instead of using a remote control or a […]

Jan 22

Locate DSO without Go-To

Locating deep sky objects without Go-To control is sometimes very exhausting and can be frustrating. With the EF 200mm f/2.8L and the Kenko 1.4x converter at 280mm I was for the first time in trouble to find an object… Some are very easy to find, if they have a bright star(s) nearby: NGC 7000 North America Nebula […]

Jan 15

Stellarium App

A review of Stellarium has long been overdue… since I use it to plan all my astrophotography sessions. Stellarium is a rich feautered planetarium app with a very realistic sky, available for Windows, MacOS or Linux and it’s free! I use it frequently for searching new objects for photography. It’s fun! If you want use Stellarium to plan your sessions […]

Jan 7

My Mobile Observatory

With the Star Adventurer I’m very mobile. Build up in about 10 minutes! So I’m not bound to a single place. But most of the time I use my balcony in Derendingen, Solothurn (444m Alt.) for astrophotography, especially during the week. Unfortunately my field of view is limited to North and East, with best view towards East: […]

Oct 29

EOS 70D Astro Modification

Finally, today my EOS 70D was astro modified by DSLR Astrotec. I choosed the basic modification (H-Alpha sensitivity 80-85%). I was so dissapointed about my last picture of the Flaming Star Nebula (400mm f/5.6 compared to my last year image of the Flaming Star Nebula at 200mm f/3.5), so I decided to modify my 70D. […]

Aug 27

Star Adventurer

My lovely little mount in action 😉 Date/Time: 27. Aug. 2016  00:28h – 02:18h CET Location: Near Balsthal, Solothurn, Switzerland (47.33°N 7.62°E) 221 frames, 25fps 30s interval, 12s exposures, f/2.8, ISO2500