Sep 9

Moon & Clouds

Faint clouds moved in front of the moon and it looked very interesting. So I shooted a series of pictures. One good image of 21 is the result 😉 Details

May 6

Moon 560mm

Again the Moon at 560mm. Stacked in Fitswork, processed in PixInsight. Canon EOS70Da, Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 @ 560mm f/14 (Kenko 1.4x converter), 18 x 1/500s, f/14, ISO400 Astrobin This time the result has much more sharpness than the previous one. Manually focusing is better 😉 Previous shot September 17, 2016:  

Mar 14

Moon & Jupiter

Today it was possible to catch the Moon and Jupiter on one image with 400mm focal length. EOS 100D EF 400mm f/5.6L @ f/11 1/100s ISO800 Details

May 9

Mercury Transit 2016

So, my investment in a solar filter was it worth 🙂 Details   Next Mercury Transit (partial) 11. November 2019 – 12:34h UTC  

Aug 27

Moon, 2015/08/27

Because of the barlow 2x lense the moon is too big for one single image. Therefore I combined 2 single images, one with the left and one with the right half of the moon. The result looks fantastic for me 😀 Map of the moon with Apollo landing sites: