May 21

NGC6888 Crescent Nebula

Finally clear sky after raining the whole day yesterday… a wonderful area in Cygnus constellation: the Crescent Nebula and nebulosity¬†around it. I re-focused 3 times. I started shooting without let the lens cooling down first… I don’t know if the low temperatures was responsible for de-focusing… Details crop 2x drizzle:

May 21

Star Adventurer Calendar

This collection shall be a successor for¬†my discontinued DSO calendar. I want give especially beginners a short overview of rewarding DSO targets using the Star Adventurer. This collection is not intended to be complete and I’ll show only targets which I’ve already photographed to give an example how objects looks at different focal lengths up […]

May 19

DSO Browser

I just found a really, really great deep sky objects browser on the net. The idea of my own DSO calendar was very similar. But that page is incredible and what I searched for a long time ūüôā So I decided to remove my calendar and share that great page with you: DSO Browser Register […]

May 17

M27 Dumbbell Nebula 400mm

Yesterday I shooted M92 cluster because no other object was well in sight. Until 0:30h CET. M27 came in perfect position so I decided to stop M92 shooting, and I switched to M27 at the same settings (400mm, f/5.6, ISO1600, 120s). This way I was able to use the darks and bias frames (taken after […]

May 16

M57 Ring Nebula 2xDrizzle

First light for my new Bahtinov mask. I’m very happy with it. Much sharper result than the last M57 image. This time at f/6.3, ISO800 and only 60sec. M57 is a planatery nebula. 2300 LY away from Earth. The nebula emissions contains expanding and glowing ionized gas, expelled from red giant stars in the last […]

May 12

Bahtinov Mask 77mm

My¬†first Bahtinov mask¬†was for the¬†Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L. On the EF 400mm f/5.6L, I had always problems to recognize the typical pattern in LiveView mode (10x). And¬†in the last few months my images were sometimes a little bit out of focus… So I decided to buy a new Bahtinov mask for¬†the Canon EF 400mm.¬†It’s a¬†Gerd […]

May 11

Drizzle Integration

After posting my recent¬†M57 image on Astrobin, I received a feedback regarding Drizzle (thanks Marcus!). I never drizzled before since I thought it’s very complicated… It is not! Drizzle¬†was originally developed for the NASA’s Hubble Deep Field observations. It provides a flexible and efficient way of combining dithered data, preserves photometric and astrometric accuracy, optimal […]

May 6

Moon 560mm

Again the Moon at 560mm. Stacked in Fitswork, processed in PixInsight. Canon EOS70Da, Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 @ 560mm f/14 (Kenko 1.4x converter), 18 x 1/500s, f/14, ISO400 Astrobin This time the result has¬†much more sharpness than the previous one. Manually focusing is better ūüėČ Previous shot September 17, 2016: