Jul 28

Lunar Eclipse 2018

First preview from the Lunar Eclipse 2018. 22 images stacked (each 4s, at 560mm). I did more than 1000 images… so I have a lot to do this weekend 😉 Details

Jan 7

2017 Retrospective

I wish everyone clear skies for 2018! Hopefully the weather will be much better than 2017 😉

Nov 23

IC405 Flaming Star Nebula

After weeks of bad weather finally a clear night. I started shooting 10 minutes after setup, so the lens had to cool down during the session. I had to re-focus every 20 minutes… Drizzled 2x, resized to original resolution. Details

Nov 16

Illuminator Adapter

I got a new 3D printed polar scope illuminator adapter for my Star Adventurer (Thank you, Stefan!!!). It should be delivered with the Star Adventurer… IMO it’s absolutely neccessary to be able checking polar alignment with all equipment mounted, or simply to check polaris position during a session. And this is the new, 3D printed […]

Oct 21

NGC1499 2016-2017

This is the result of my first attempt to combine my 2016 and 2017 image with different exposure in PI. Both sessions @ f/5.6, Total integration time 214min. Details