Jun 15

Cygnus Loop (2021)

Once again I captured the Cygnus Loop during the last two fantastic nights 🙂The first night I’d to fight with wind… half of the subs were unusable…Yesterday was perfect! No wind and absolutely clear sky… Unsure how much star size reduction… I chosed this “medium” version 😉 Details

Jun 7

How important are Darks?

Recently this YouTube video was posted in a forum thread on AstroBin where it’s suggested not to use dark frames for DSLR deep-sky astrophotography! Since this would be really a huge time saver, I took the last weeks data of my Propeller Nebula session to create different stacking combinations to find out, if there is […]

Jun 4

It’s worth doing Flat Frames

Unfortunately I never created flat frames in the past. It seemed laborious to me. White T-Shirt and so on… I didn’t realize that I was already equipped to make flat frames. My netbook with a non-reflecting display (Asus X205T). It’s really worth to take flat frames. It removes vignette and any particles on the lense, […]

Jun 2

Dark Shark Nebula

This was a bit challenging after 3 years break. I simply didn’t take the moon into account… 🙁 I started to capture the Dark Shark Nebula a few days ago when the moon was already visible from midnight. Bad idea…Even at 4° altitude above horizon the Moon reflects too much light to capture dark nebulae, […]

May 31

Propeller Nebula

My first shot of the Propeller Nebula in the “nebula-rich” Cygnus region. 2h21′ integration. Captured on my balkony. 2x drizzled, resized to original resolution (50%). Details Propeller Nebula cropped:

May 31

Drizzle Integration in PI 1.8.8

Drizzle was originally developed for the NASA’s Hubble Deep Field observations. It provides a flexible and efficient way of combining dithered data, preserves photometric and astrometric accuracy, optimal signal-to-noise ratio and approach the best resolution that can be reached with linear reconstruction. (from “A method for the Linear Reconstruction of Undersampled Images” by A. S. Fruchter […]

May 27

Stacking in PixInsight 1.8.8

In PixInsight 1.8.8 a few new features are available for image stacking. Since I’m using flats now, its time to update my previous Stacking in PixInsight tutorial. All following CFA settings are suitable for CMOS sensors like in my Canon EOS 70D, using the Bayer matrix filter (RGGB). Select the proper settings for your camera […]