Jan 7

My Mobile Observatory

With the Star Adventurer I’m very mobile. Build up in about 10 minutes! So I’m not bound to a single place. But most of the time I’m on my balcony in Derendingen, Solothurn (444m Alt.), especially during the work days. Unfortunately my field of view is limited to North and East, with best view towards […]

Dec 31

Happy New Year!!!

Some impressions of my last 4 sessions on Gurnigel, Bern. Happy New Year and clear sky for 2017!!!

Aug 27

Star Adventurer in Action

My lovely little mount in action 😉 Date/Time: 27. Aug. 2016  00:28h – 02:18h CET Location: Near Balsthal, Solothurn, Switzerland (47.33°N 7.62°E) 221 frames, 25fps 30s interval, 12s exposures, f/2.8, ISO2500

Aug 8

Session @ Gurnigel

Monday, 8. August 2016, 06:30h AM: Finally at home. I’m very, very tired… Does not matter, I’m in holidays 🙂 This night on Gurnigel at 1600m was spectacular! 15 GB data 🙂 Equipped with a deck chair, full batteries and my new Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L the session could start! With some special guests 😉 […]