Jan 7

My Mobile Observatory

With the Star Adventurer I’m very mobile. Build up in about 10 minutes! So I’m not bound to a single place. But most of the time I use my balcony in Derendingen, Solothurn (444m Alt.) for astrophotography, especially during the week. Unfortunately my field of view is limited to North and East, with best view towards East: […]

Dec 31

Happy New Year!!!

Some impressions of my last 4 sessions on Gurnigel, Bern. Happy New Year and clear sky for 2017!!!

Aug 27

Star Adventurer

My lovely little mount in action 😉 Date/Time: 27. Aug. 2016  00:28h – 02:18h CET Location: Near Balsthal, Solothurn, Switzerland (47.33°N 7.62°E) 221 frames, 25fps 30s interval, 12s exposures, f/2.8, ISO2500

Aug 8

Session @ Gurnigel

Monday, 8. August 2016, 06:30h AM: Finally at home. I’m very, very tired… Does not matter, I’m in holidays 🙂 This night on Gurnigel at 1600m was spectacular! 15 GB data 🙂 Equipped with a deck chair, full batteries and my new Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L the session could start! With some special guests 😉 […]