Jul 3

Cygnus Wall

650mm focal length is already to much for the whole North America Nebula, so I tried to capture the most interesting area of the North America Nebula. At least most interesting to me 😉 Details

May 2

M 13 Cluster (0.5mm T2 Ring)

For this test I used a T-2 fine adjustment ring (0.5mm) to slightly extend the distance between DSLR sensor and corrector (54mm measured distance without any ring). The stars in the corners look much better than before, but I need to go to 55mm distance. Next time I’ll use the 1mm ring! Additional I encountered […]

Jul 6

NGC7000 & IC5070

First light for my new UV-IR block filter. I want use it instead of the CLS-CCD filter, mainly to gather light wavelengths that are blocked by the CLS-CCD filter. 2x drizzled, resized to original resolution, almost no color manipulations except of calibration. I’m really sursprised about the result. It looks more dynamic to my last […]

Jun 15

Cygnus Loop

Once again I captured the Cygnus Loop during the last two fantastic nights 🙂 The first night I’d to fight with wind… half of the subs were unusable…Yesterday was perfect! No wind and absolutely clear sky… Unsure how much star size reduction… I chosed this “medium” version 😉 Details

Feb 19

Messier 78

Messier 78, about 1600 LY distant from Earth. Unfortunately I didn’t hit the focus very well 🙁 My coldest night this season… -5°C but it felt like -20°… I never shivered this way before while focusing… I need better gloves and a few more layers of clothes 😉 Details

Dec 30

NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula

I started on our local mountain Weissenstein… but it was so windy… impossible to work… Finally I ended again on Gurnigel 🙂 It was also very windy at the beginning… good I decided to stay longer. It was it worth 😉 Details

Dec 28

IC 434 Horsehead Nebula

Perfect start into holidays with IC 434 Horsehead Nebula and his beautyful neighbor NGC 2024 Flame Nebula 🙂 What a wonderful clear and cold night at 1600m on Gurnigel. The next days it should stay clear… hope for some more shots of this area 🙂 Details

Aug 8

NGC 7023 Iris Nebula

I’m very happy with this result of NGC 7023 🙂 I tried the Iris Nebula a few weeks ago from my home. Just 20 minutes (13 x 90s) at 280mm without guiding. But that’s not camparable with this one… I was very careful with the polar alignment and balance. And I had luck. I did a test […]