Jul 6

NGC7000 & IC5070

First light for my new UV-IR block filter. I want use it instead of the CLS-CCD filter, mainly to gather light wavelengths that are blocked by the CLS-CCD filter. 2x drizzled, resized to original resolution, almost no color manipulations except of calibration. I’m really sursprised about the result. It looks more dynamic to my last […]

Jun 15

Cygnus Loop

Once again I captured the Cygnus Loop during the last two fantastic nights 🙂 The first night I’d to fight with wind… half of the subs were unusable…Yesterday was perfect! No wind and absolutely clear sky… Unsure how much star size reduction… I chosed this “medium” version 😉 Details

Sep 21

M45 Pleiades

Since weeks bad weather… but yesterday I had luck 🙂 So, again M45 Pleiades (how wonderful to focus with the Bahtinov mask because of the bright stars…), this time at f/5.6. Therefore no spikes. It looks more realistic to me with the round stars and no spikes… Drizzled 2x and resampled to original resolution. Details

Aug 3

M31 Andromeda

This is my second M31 Andromeda attempt at 400mm fl. Now focused with the Bahtinov mask, modified DSLR and more acquired lights compared to last year (2016: 130x90s, Now: 113x120s). Only 2 nights. It was the max I could reach due to the bad wheater… really bad this year 🙁 And I tried to process […]

Feb 19

Messier 78

Messier 78, about 1600 LY distant from Earth. Unfortunately I didn’t hit the focus very well 🙁 My coldest night this season… -5°C but it felt like -20°… I never shivered this way before while focusing… I need better gloves and a few more layers of clothes 😉 Details

Dec 30

NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula

I started on our local mountain Weissenstein… but it was so windy… impossible to work… Finally I ended again on Gurnigel 🙂 It was also very windy at the beginning… good I decided to stay longer. It was it worth 😉 Details

Dec 28

IC 434 Horsehead Nebula

Perfect start into holidays with IC 434 Horsehead Nebula and his beautyful neighbor NGC 2024 Flame Nebula 🙂 What a wonderful clear and cold night at 1600m on Gurnigel. The next days it should stay clear… hope for some more shots of this area 🙂 Details

Aug 8

NGC 7023 Iris Nebula

I’m very happy with this result of NGC 7023 🙂 I tried the Iris Nebula a few weeks ago from my home. Just 20 minutes (13 x 90s) at 280mm without guiding. But that’s not camparable with this one… I was very careful with the polar alignment and balance. And I had luck. I did a test […]