This page is a summary of all my blog posts about the iOptron GEM28 mount or related topics.

Blog Postings


MGEN Recordings

Adjustments / Calibrations

Issues / Suggestions for improvement

  • Unpredictable crashes / freezes: More than every fourth session, my GEM28 suddenly no longer reacts to guiding signals or hand controller commands. Only a restart solves the problem
  • During cold temperatures (<10°C) the hand controller display becomes very sluggish and difficult to read.
  • Check the upper tripod screws regularly. On my tripod one (of three) screw is often lose (1.5″ standard tripod).
  • iOptron does not supply a hand controller bracket (Fortunately, I can use the bracket from my SkyWatcher Explorer 130p)

Technical Specs

Payload12.7 kg
Mount head weight4.5 kg
Worm period600 seconds
RA/DEC worm wheel⌀ 88mm, 144 teeth
Counterweight (included)4.5 kg
Tripod1.5″ Stainless Steel (5kg)

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