Jan 7

2017 Retrospective

I wish everyone clear skies for 2018! Hopefully the weather will be much better than 2017 😉

Oct 12

Retrospective 2016-2017

Thank you very much for more than 7000 views on my both retrospective videos!!! Retrospective 2017 Part II is in progress and will be online soon! Meanwhile enjoy 2016 and 2017 Part I:

May 19


I just found a really, really great deep sky objects browser on the net. The idea of my own DSO calendar was very similar. But that page is incredible and what I searched for a long time 🙂 So I decided to remove my calendar and share that great page with you: Telescopius Register for […]

Apr 28

Anniversary special

Exactly 2 years ago I created this blog and posted my first image. Because of this “birthday” my tought was that I’ll share something with you. Maybe someone of you are interested to see how my acquired raw material looks unprocessed… so here is a little present: Give Away Download Rosette Nebula raw files package. All files directly […]

Apr 5

Iridium Flare

I found an Iridium Flare on one single image from my last session shooting M 63 Sunflower Galaxy. No idea which satellite this could be… all databases I’ve found on the net have no satellite listed for this time and position… Date: March 30, 2017, 21:33h CEST Details Here are 3 consecutive raw images:

Feb 3

Time Lapses 2015-2016

My first few time lapses taken in 2015 and 2016. I always used Auto WB. The next time lapses I’ll do with a fixed WB (Hope for less flickering), and at night…

Jan 7

YouTube Channel

For presenting my first retrospective video (and PixInsight tutorials and probably other things…) I just created a YouTube channel! From now on the current retrospective video will be played on my blog homepage / slideshow page. I hope I’ll find out how to control the audio… 😉 If you enjoy it, like it and/or subscribe to […]

Jan 4

2016 retrospective

My 2016 retrospective… ok, with one exception… the Monkey Head Nebula 🙂 All images taken with: Star Adventurer and Lacerta MGEN2 Canon EOS 70D(a) Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L with Kenko 1.4x Converter (Cygnus Loop)