May 22

Cygnus Region around Sadr

Continue to capture the wonderful Cygnus regions… this time region around Sadr. Best to show the advantage of a DSLR modification. The HII regions are glowing 🙂 Details

May 21

NGC6888 Crescent Nebula

Finally clear sky after raining the whole day yesterday… a wonderful area in Cygnus constellation: the Crescent Nebula and nebulosity around it. I re-focused 3 times. I started shooting without let the lens cooling down first… I don’t know if the low temperatures was responsible for de-focusing… Details crop 2x drizzle:

May 17

M27 Dumbbell Nebula 400mm

Yesterday I shooted M92 cluster because no other object was well in sight. Until 0:30h CET. M27 came in perfect position so I decided to stop M92 shooting, and I switched to M27 at the same settings (400mm, f/5.6, ISO1600, 120s). This way I was able to use the darks and bias frames (taken after […]

May 16

M57 Ring Nebula 2xDrizzle

First light for my new Bahtinov mask. I’m very happy with it. Much sharper result than the last M57 image. This time at f/6.3, ISO800 and only 60sec. M57 is a planatery nebula. 2300 LY away from Earth. The nebula emissions contains expanding and glowing ionized gas, expelled from red giant stars in the last […]

Apr 30

M57 Ring Nebula 400mm

Finally on the sky, M57 Ring Nebula 🙂 First time at 400mm. I’m happy with the result but 400mm is to short. Details Drizzle 2x integration: Normal integration:

Feb 19

Messier 78

Messier 78, about 1600 LY distant from Earth. Unfortunately I didn’t hit the focus very well 🙁 My coldest night this season… -5°C but it felt like -20°… I never shivered this way before while focusing… I need better gloves and a few more layers of clothes 😉 Details

Feb 16

M97 and M108 (560mm)

Today evening I did a test shot with the EF 400mm f/5.6L and Kenko 1.4x converter at 560mm f/8. Only 24 minutes… in a cloud free phase. With much more subs it could be an interesting combination… Details

Feb 16

M97 and M108 (400mm)

This evening I checked in Stellarium the sky and found this 2 nice objects. M97 Owl Nebula and M108 Surfboard Galaxy. Asking myself why I didn’t found and shoot them earlier… so easy to find with the star Merak 🙂 Details