Feb 14

M 106 and companions (650mm)

After months finally clear sky πŸ™‚ Great to see the difference between 400mm and 650mm focal length. And my GEM28 worked like a horse! No crashes during the whole session. That’s fun! Details

Sep 22

IC 1848 Soul Nebula

Finally cooler and longer nights πŸ™‚ But the session started with a non-responding GEM28 after starting the guiding calibration… so annoying!​​​​​​​At least the rest of the night was problem-free… Details

Aug 29

The Silver Sliver Galaxy

Unfortunately I had to crop the image due to a strong reflection across the entire upper part of the image. It must have been caused by the star Almach (Mag. 2.15)… It’s time to darken the tube of my 130PDS. 2x drizzled and resized. Details

Aug 23

Persei Double Cluster

Finally I could try my 130PDS on the Persei Double Cluster. I was concerned about the diffraction spikes. But I’m pleasantly surprised πŸ™‚ Details

Aug 23

M 31 Short Exposure

While waiting for the main object I decided to take some shots of M 31 Andromeda Galaxy with my 130PDS πŸ™‚I have to rotate my DSLR about 20 degrees to get the best possible field of view for Andromeda… next time… Details

Aug 1

NGC 281 Pacman Nebula

My DSLR doesn’t like these temperatures… Had to fight with background noise structures. Looking forward for the colder nights πŸ˜‰ Details