Oct 12

NGC 891 Silver Sliver Galaxy

This kind of object makes me wish for more focal length 😉I hope soon… After my Tests Part V I started to capture this fascinating galaxy. Unfortunately the “almost-crash” took around 20 minutes of valuable time… whatever, I like the result 🙂 Total integration time: 2h 46′ Details

Oct 11

M 45 Pleiades

After around 90 minutes shooting M 34, the Pleiades came in sight (M 34 slowly disappeared behind the roof anyway). So I decided to switch to the Pleiades at the same settings. This way I can use the same flats and darks for both targets. Lesson learned: take flats directly after every target! Dust or […]

Oct 10

M 34 Spiral Cluster

Finally clear sky after a week of bad weather. I tested again a new gear mesh adjustment. After the tests I slewed to M 34 spiral cluster. Details

Oct 1

IC 1805 Heart Nebula

New equipment and clear sky! What more do you want? 😉 After a few MGEN recordings I targeted IC1805 Heart Nebula to start a session. This time I could use every sub exposure. No DEC trails anymore. I’m so happy. During the whole session I used the 22Ah power tank to power the GEM28 again, […]

Sep 25

NGC 225 Sailboat Cluster

Even if it’s still almost full moon, I used the last clear night (at least for a week) to test new settings (GEM28 and MGEN). When I was done with the tests, I did a little star cluster session 🙂 I got better results than before with only 2 different settings than before: I tightened […]

Sep 18

Persei Cluster, again…

Yesterday I started only MGEN recordings to test the new parallel setup but ended up on the Persei Cluster 😉 I love this double cluster… Unfortunately 44 of 125 subs were unusable due to the persistent DEC problems on my GEM28… on some other were clouds, so in the end I could integrate only 67 […]

Sep 5

Sh2-132 Lion Nebula

The Lion Nebula is much more faint than I thought. So I spent the last 2 nights for it. It’s a very star rich region. More than 4 hours integration. Each session is calibrated for it’s own, then registered and integrated all at once. Details Shooting impression:

Sep 3

M33 Triangulum Galaxy

That wasn’t funny at all… after 17 lights suddenly I noticed a huge drift in DEC, M33 were not centered anymore. But a correction was not possible, I was able to navigate within the menu on the hand controller, but no reaction on commands… even back to zero position was not possible… 🙁Only after a […]

Sep 3

IC1848 Soul Nebula

Finally again clear skies 🙂 This time only 4 out of 79 lights were unusable due to slight DEC trails… still searching for the ideal MGEN settings. Details

Aug 21

Star Cluster Group

Full Moon time = star cluster time! This group of cluster were very well in sight. NGC654, NGC659, NGC663, M103, and IC166. Everywhere star clusters 😉 Details