Jul 22

Caroline’s Rose Cluster

Since it’s almost Full Moon I decided to capture a star cluster to continue testing my new mount. This time with 90 seconds exposure time, like on the Star Adventurer. A slight DEC error was present on 4 of 48 subs… The interesting fact is that the error appears in a 10 minute interval = […]

Oct 16

Bubble Nebula Wide Field

Since days very good weather conditions. It’s a complete different thing to photograph with a modified DSLR compared to last years image. 2021 reprocessed with slightly different/new processing steps. 2x drizzled, scaled down to original resolution. The old version is still available on AstroBin. Details  

Sep 21

M45 Pleiades

Since weeks bad weather… but yesterday I had luck πŸ™‚ So, again M45 Pleiades (how wonderful to focus with the Bahtinov mask because of the bright stars…), this time at f/5.6. Therefore no spikes. It looks more realistic to me with the round stars and no spikes… Drizzled 2x and resampled to original resolution. Details

Feb 5

M3 Cluster

Finally the star clusters are coming again… I’m starting with M3 at 400mm, f/5.6. Looking forward to M13 Hercules Cluster πŸ˜‰ Details