Jan 7

Fly- and Spider Nebula

Yesterday I took the chance to shot the Fly- and Spider Nebula and some cluster neighbors, but had to stop after 1.5 hours due to clouds (in contrary to the weather forecast). Additional I had a forced 15 minutes break: my GEM28 had again a crash/freeze. I had to reset everything: back to zero position […]

Oct 11

M 45 Pleiades

After around 90 minutes shooting M 34, the Pleiades came in sight (M 34 slowly disappeared behind the roof anyway). So I decided to switch to the Pleiades at the same settings. This way I can use the same flats and darks for both targets. Lesson learned: take flats directly after every target! Dust or […]

Oct 10

M 34 Spiral Cluster

Finally clear sky after a week of bad weather. I tested again a new gear mesh adjustment. After the tests I slewed to M 34 spiral cluster. Details

Sep 25

NGC 225 Sailboat Cluster

Even if it’s still almost full moon, I used the last clear night (at least for a week) to test new settings (GEM28 and MGEN). When I was done with the tests, I did a little star cluster session 🙂 I got better results than before with only 2 different settings than before: I tightened […]

Sep 18

Persei Cluster, again…

Yesterday I started only MGEN recordings to test the new parallel setup but ended up on the Persei Cluster 😉 I love this double cluster… Unfortunately 44 of 125 subs were unusable due to the persistent DEC problems on my GEM28… on some other were clouds, so in the end I could integrate only 67 […]

Aug 21

Star Cluster Group

Full Moon time = star cluster time! This group of cluster were very well in sight. NGC654, NGC659, NGC663, M103, and IC166. Everywhere star clusters 😉 There is a small cluster in the right middle area wich was not plate solved and also not listed in Stellarium… maybe someone knows? Details

Aug 12

Bubble Nebula Wide Field

Again testing the gear mesh adjustment… and I’m still not done 🙁 So far I adjusted the gear meshing 4 times in the range of 1/8 turn counter clockwise and 1/8 turn clockwise, since the manual says not more than 1/4 turn in total. I contacted iOptron again regarding this issue and they told me […]

Aug 10

Persei Cluster

The next few days looks promising regarding weather, so I can continue with my gear mesh tests. I begin to record every session with the MGEN since it’s very valuable for finding reasons for tracking errors. I’m still using NGC7789 as test target, simply to have similar data to compare. At midnight I switched to […]

Jul 22

Caroline’s Rose Cluster

Since it’s almost Full Moon I decided to capture a star cluster to continue testing my new mount. This time with 90 seconds exposure time, like on the Star Adventurer. A slight DEC error was present on 4 of 48 subs… The interesting fact is that the error appears in a 10 minute interval = […]