This time I used the 1mm distance ring to fine adjust the distance between sensor and corrector.

1mm seems to be too much distance between DSLR sensor and coma corrector… the borders are worser than with the 0.5mm ring.

And still not enough focal length for M 57 Ring Nebula, one of my favorite objects… but far better than with 400mm 🙂


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  1. Ralf

    Hi Karol ,

    How it looks like when you add the 0,5 and the 0,3 mm distance ring. I have read on the baader website that user reviews wish a 0,8 ring. Maybe is this the solution 🙂

    Greetz Ralf

    • star-watcher

      Hi Ralf
      I must admit I never tried 0.8mm. I did tests with 0.5mm, then 1mm up to 1.8mm. So far I’m very happy with the “1mm ring” results. But now I’m interested to try 0.8mm during my next session.
      Have you already tried it?
      Clear skies

  2. Ralf

    Hi Karol,

    unfortunately not as I have not yet ordered the spacer rings. I also own the 130PDS and have the same problem as you.

    Greetings Ralf

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