6 years ago I started astrophotography with the SkyWatcher Star Adventurer and finally the next step on my journey is taken 🙂 My new mount is here! The iOptron GEM28.

The mount head only weights 4.5 kg, but is capable to carry 12.7kg payload, for astrophotography 8-9kg should be optimal. And it’s still very portable. I’m curious for the first light with it 🙂

I wanted the AccuAlign version (optical polar scope) to stay independent of a laptop.

The MGEN II was a good invest, since I can use it also with my new mount. The Star Adventurer will be degraded to my second little mount for wide fields up to 200mm or time lapses.

All I need now is a new telescope… still not decided which one, but there are already some scopes on top of the list 🙂 The goal is slightly more focal length than 400mm. Up to 600mm would be great!

Until then, I’ll try somehow to attach the EF 400mm lens.

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  1. Nicola

    I got my gem 28 1 week ago so I will follow you and your tutorial 🙂
    Nicola aus Bozen (Italien)

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