Mar 25

M 3 Globular Cluster

It’s like my GEM28 never had any problems… 🙂 Hope it stays like that! This time I used my Kenko 1.4x converter on my Canon EF400mm at f/8 and 560mm focal lenght. I tought a star cluster could be an interesting object for this combination. Details

Mar 23

M 51 Whirlpool Galaxy

OK, I’m on a lucky streak. My GEM28 didn’t freeze the last 5 sessions. Great! But at the same time frustrating not to know what causes that annoying freezes… Details

Mar 9

M 101 Pinwheel Galaxy

The next session without a freeze of my GEM28. I’m really happy about it, but it’s exhausting to monitor all the time the guide star during the session. I’m convinced that the next freeze will come! We’re in the galaxy season, so here is the next one 🙂 Details

Mar 5

NGC 4236 Galaxy

The next galaxy. A very faint one. NGC 4236. And again no freezes on my GEM28 during this 5 hours session 🙂 Anyway, I checked the guide star position every 10 minutes… Details

Mar 1

M 106 and companions

My GEM28 worked very well last night. No freezes this time. And what a beautiful (but cold) night. Messier 106 had the best position for shooting at home. 4 hours exposure time, but I removed the light polluted subs from the beginning at 20:00h. Details

Feb 8

NGC 2903 Galaxy

Yesterday I had 2 problems on my GEM28. First, the hand controller menu button didn’t work (to start the star alignment), but since my GEM still was in zero position I simply switched it off and on. Later one more time my GEM28 freezed, after 18 exposures. So annoying! Nevertheless I was able to take […]

Feb 6

NGC 2683 UFO Galaxy

And the next galaxy 🙂 This time the NGC 2683 UFO Galaxy. To my surprise there is also a small interacting galaxy (IC 2421) in the lower left part. Again no freeze/crash on my GEM28. But I don’t trust it… I did the math: 24 sessions total –> 6 freezes! So on averaga every fourth […]

Jan 31

The Phantom Frisbee Galaxy

Yeah, no crash/freeze this time on my GEM28! The whole session (around 5 hours) went without problems 🙂 Why not always like this… I really only need more focal length for all the small galaxies like the Silver Sliver Galaxy and this one: NGC 3079 The Phantom Frisbee Galaxy, at 50 million light years distance. […]