280mm @ f/5.6IMG_5859

What a wonderful clear night on Gurnigel in Bern @1600m.

But it was a little Power-Nightmare for me…
First, I forgot to load the spare batteries of my 100D. So I had only 1 battery (~2h) for Milky Way, Location and Equipment…
Second, I’ve planned to do 4h of lights (80 subs x 180s). After 50 subs my Powertank switched to yellow LED… So, I dimmed the MGEN screen to the minimum (still enough light to see all the data on the screen… from now on my default setting) and I finished the session with 71 subs 🙂

At the end the 70D was in standalone mode for the darks (controlled by Magic Lantern).

Notice for the next time: Check and load ALL batteries twice!!! 😉


Cygnus Loop 2016-08-03 280mm f5.6 ISO1600 3h6m-v6

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