Oct 15

B 22 Taurus Dark Cloud (4′)

The weather is still good 🙂 Again B22 Taurus dark cloud nebula. This time 240s exposure instead of 120s. Much better result than my first image. Details Now I have more than 5 hours lights. Combined image from 2 sessions (46 x 240s + 74 x 120s = 332minutes) Session 2 image (46 x 240s, […]

Oct 14

B 22 Taurus Dark Cloud (2′)

A very special object. NGC2087 surrounded by Barnard 22 interstellar matter. I had no idea what to expect regarding to a single 120s preview image… I like the result but it will be worth to invest more time in it 😉 Details

Oct 12

NGC281 Pacman Nebula

I was surprised by the fact, that I never shot the Pacman Nebula during the last 2 years. So this evening was a good possibility for it 🙂 f/5.6, drizzled 2x Details

Oct 12

Retrospective 2016-2017

Thank you very much for more than 7000 views on my both retrospective videos!!! Retrospective 2017 Part II is in progress and will be online soon! Meanwhile enjoy 2016 and 2017 Part I:

Sep 24

My Processing Workflow

I was asked a few times to show how I process my images. So here is my (current) workflow which I use as basement. I created it over the last 2 years with many help from other people on AstroBin or tutorials in the internet. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find my real check […]

Sep 21

M45 Pleiades

Since weeks bad weather… but yesterday I had luck 🙂 So, again M45 Pleiades (how wonderful to focus with the Bahtinov mask because of the bright stars…), this time at f/5.6. Therefore no spikes. It looks more realistic to me with the round stars and no spikes… Drizzled 2x and resampled to original resolution. Details

Sep 9

Moon & Clouds

Faint clouds moved in front of the moon and it looked very interesting. So I shooted a series of pictures. One good image of 21 is the result 😉 Details