Apr 28

M 92 Cluster

So, this is a bad example of an astro image 🙁My DSLR almost slipped out of the focuser during handling on it. Fortunately I holded my 70D in both of my hands as it began to move… a very bad feeling 😉 Maybe I lost the collimation during that action or it was tilted in […]

Apr 18

M 13 Hercules Cluster

Even when there was a full moon, I had to check the performance of the primary mirror ring installation. It seems to avoid the bloating of the stars very well now! But I’m not sure if there is to much tension on the primary mirror…. especially the stars in the left corners seems to have […]

Apr 14

Primary Mirror Ring (130PDS)

The edge of the primary mirror of a Newtonian telescope creates strong halos around bright stars. The mirror holder pads create additional shadows in these halos. A primary mirror mask ring prevents, or at least reduces this effect. I purchased a Wega primary mirror mask ring. It’s made of PLA, stable up to 110°C. Gradually […]

Apr 11

M 101 – First Light 130PDS

My first image with my new Sky-Watcher Explorer 130PDS telescope 🙂 It was a bit cloudy… 30 unusable subs. Out of 86! But it was worth it, even if the weather was not perfect and the moon already had 64%… But the over-all performance of my GEM28 among with the higher payload is really good! […]

Apr 11

Sky-Watcher Explorer 130PDS

Finally I got my first photographical telescope, the Sky-Watcher Explorer 130PDS (*). Focal length: 650mm Aperture: 130mm Focal ratio: f/5 (33% more light than my 400mm f/5.6) Weight: 4kg Focuser: 2″ crayford dual speed First Light M 101 Pinwheel Galaxy What a luck… A few hours of clear sky, just 3 days after receiving my […]

Mar 25

M 3 Globular Cluster

It’s like my GEM28 never had any problems… 🙂 Hope it stays like that! This time I used my Kenko 1.4x converter on my Canon EF400mm at f/8 and 560mm focal lenght. I tought a star cluster could be an interesting object for this combination. Details

Mar 23

M 51 Whirlpool Galaxy

OK, I’m on a lucky streak. My GEM28 didn’t freeze the last 5 sessions. Great! But at the same time frustrating not to know what causes that annoying freezes… Details

Mar 9

M 101 Pinwheel Galaxy

The next session without a freeze of my GEM28. I’m really happy about it, but it’s exhausting to monitor all the time the guide star during the session. I’m convinced that the next freeze will come! We’re in the galaxy season, so here is the next one 🙂 Details