I just found a really, really great deep sky objects browser on the net.

The idea of my own DSO calendar was very similar. But that page is incredible and what I searched for a long time 🙂 So I decided to remove my calendar and share that great page with you:


Register for free and search deep sky objects for your specific location, equipment and tons of other filters. Create personal lists, preview an object through your equipment with the telescope simulator and much more…

Note: english and espaniol only!

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  1. Jesse D Beatty

    Glad to have found this site. Getting back into astrophotography after a twenty-five year hiatus. Now retired and have the time, still making use of original 10in / f4.5 Newtonian acquired in 1986. Now will use DSLR and looking into equipment to upgrade scope I have, get the most possible from it. Thank you for having this site, most needed.

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