1. Prabhu

    Hi I’m Prabhu from India I recently purchased Star Adventurer tracker i’m amazed with your setup, max payload is 5kg but u have mentioned till 9kg can it take that much load ? other than autuguiding camera and autoguiderscope what are the things should I need to do autoguiding for example ST-4 Cable and what else should I need ? what is the maximum exposure that you can take with your current setup with and without autoguiding ?

    • star-watcher

      Hi. The tripod (Manfrotto MT055XPRO3) can handle 9kg, not the Star Adventurer. You’re right, the Star Adventurer have a payload of max. 5kg. My setup with DSLR, Lens, Autoguider is about 3.2 kg. And I don’t want go higher 😉
      The ST4 cable was delivered with the Lacerta Autouider. I only needed a ballhead to mount the GuideScope on the Star Adventurer. See it here.
      Exposure time depends also to the Declination of the object. But in general I can expose at 400mm focal length without guiding 30 seconds, with guiding 120 seconds. Hope it helps 🙂 Clear Skies

  2. William

    I noticed the polar scope illuminator is still connected while your equipment is attached. It appears you have some kind of extender. I found it very frustrating that the SA requires alignment without anything attached. How did you accomplish having the illuminator connected with your equipment on the mount at the same time?

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