I purchased my first 17Ah SkyWatcher PowerTank right after my first telescope in 2015. Because I didn’t care much about it (I didn’t reloaded it after every use!) the battery died very quickly. So I buyed a second one in 2016.

The second power tank I use until today (huge difference in lifespan, if you take care of it…) but with my new mount and the MGEN it comes to its limits.

And of course I still need power for my Star Adventurer.

Since the tanks are more expensive today than back in 2015/16, I tought it would be a good idea to replace only the battery instead of buying new. The battery costs me around 50.- to 70.- Swiss Francs, a new power tank at least three times that much…

To my surprise I found a 22Ah battery on reichelt.com with the same dimensions. So, I upgraded my first power tank with a 22Ah cycle-proof battery!

Left: 17Ah (original) battery | Right: 22Ah battery with 30% more power!

PowerTank Battery Replacement

The replacement was done in around 30 minutes. The tank has 16 housing screws and 2 screws for the battery poles. Here are some impressions:

Warning: Never change the battery while the tank is powered on or connected loading cable! The power switch has to be in center position (Off)!

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