Go to GEM28 – Latest Update Part IV

Luckily I was able to continue my tests… finally clear sky for at least a week. I started with a serie of guided 10 minutes exposures. Guide speed this time 0.25x for DEC (before: 0.90x).

Adjusted gear mesh for this test: RA -1/2 turn, DEC -3/4 turn from zero play position.

RA performed a little bit better than before at -3/4 turn gear mesh. But I’ll go back to -3/8, with which I achieved good result. But it’s interesting to see that the gear mesh adjustment clearly has an impact to the values.

RA std. was around 0.50px before, now less than 0.40px.

DEC also performed better than with 0.90x guide speed. But I still need to increase the NUM value to 5 to achieve better results… As soon as I go back to NUM 1 the rollar coaster starts again.

Between IMG_1549 and IMG_1550 I slewed to the star Navi to re-focus and stayed there for the final 10 minute exposure. That’s the reason for the different field of view.

Dew Heater Power Consumption

The dew heaters are really power hungry…

They are both connected to my 17Ah PowerTank. At the end of the test session the power tank LED changed from green to yellow … I think I’ll replace the battery of this PowerTank with a 22Ah lead-flies battery as well.

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