MagicLantern adds great features to Canon EOS cameras. Some enhancements are usable for astrophotography too. Or perfect for time lapses.

MagicLantern Shoot Menu



There is no installation for MagicLantern. Just copy it to your SD card and run the firmware update process in your DSLR.

Detailed instructions here.

Format card and keep MagicLantern.



Instead of using a remote control or a computer to trigger the exposures, MagicLantern offers a Intervalometer. No need anymore for additional equipment.

Intervalometer setup


Bulb Timer

The BulbTimer works together with the Intervalometer.

Note: Exposure duration never should be higher than the interval!

Bulb timer setup


Daylight Photography

Many other functions are great for daylight photography. I like the Zebras and Focus Peak (Why not by default? At least on a 70D… C’mon Canon!)

Detailed battery level:


I do not want to miss MagicLantern anymore 😉

Get MagicLantern for your Canon EOS here.

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