1. Tarun

    Amazing stuff dude! impressed with the quality of images .

  2. Peter Komatovic

    This photo of Rossete is indeed very good. How did you made the stars have a such nice glow and maintaining an overall great sharpnes?

    • star-watcher

      Thanks. I only applied Morphological Transformation (reducing star size). Then I use Convolution/UnsharpMask in PI to enhance the sharpness of the main object. Maybe I will post all my source files of the Rosette Nebula shooting for download here on my blog soon…

  3. Peter Komatovic

    Thanks for the info. I have tried our PI in the last couple of days and i did manage to process my pictures of Andromeda from last year way better then with DSS + PS . I will try out what you did. Clear skies!

  4. Peter Komatovic

    Found your tutorial on youtube 🙂
    Thanks again!

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