Feb 19

Messier 78

Messier 78, about 1600 LY distant from Earth.

Unfortunately I didn’t hit the focus very well 🙁
My coldest night this season… -5°C but it felt like -20°… I never shivered this way before while focusing… I need better gloves and a few more layers of clothes 😉



  1. Peter Komatovic

    Very nice photo. I had -15°C on some nights in January. I can confirm the EOS 40D and the Star Advanturer handle it very well. Also no trouble with dew in the EF 400 mm L f5.6 lens at this low temperature with very low humidity 🙂
    But yes warm clothes are very important, in particular if you shot up on the mountain like you and me 🙂

    • star-watcher

      Thank you very much. Me too, no problem with dew in the last few months. Indeed, there is no bad weather… only bad clothings 😉

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