1. Peter Komatovic

    Very good. I have tried it myself but tracking was very poor. Also the temperature is about 10°C so noise is much more visible. Will give it another try. Clear skies!

    • star-watcher

      Thank you! Keep on! I had many and still have bad sessions. Two weeks ago I shooted the Cocoon Galaxy… The stacked result disappointed me. Out of focus and overall very bad quality (weather was not perfect that evening)… So, one more evening was lost… CS

  2. Peter K.

    I see you have used only 120 sec subs for this one. I assume also because the object was lower on the sky and tracking is worse there If I assume correct. BR

    • star-watcher

      Yes, correct. Objects near to Polaris (60-80° declination) have a much shorter orbit on the sky than objects near to 0° declination. And on a shorter orbit tracking errors are less visible.
      I use the following exp.times with the 400mm lens (guided!):
      0°-40° declination: 120s exp.
      40°-50° dec.: 150s
      50°-60° dec.: 180s
      60°-70° dec.: 240s
      Until now this works perfect for me.
      Clear Skies

  3. Peter K.

    Thanks for this information!

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