My first image with my new Sky-Watcher Explorer 130PDS telescope 🙂

It was a bit cloudy… 30 unusable subs. Out of 86! But it was worth it, even if the weather was not perfect and the moon already had 64%…

But the over-all performance of my GEM28 among with the higher payload is really good! I’m surprised how good!

The diffraction spikes are noticeable, but not that strong as expected. In this particular image I like them 🙂 Maybe they are stronger with more exposure time… I only did 90sec shots.

I still don’t know why the rays around the bright stars are not centric. Maybe the primary mirror mask ring will change them somehow… For this first light, I didn’t installed the ring.



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  1. Matthias

    Hallo Karol, um die Strahlen am Stern zu vermeiden, brauchst du einen Blendenring am Hauptspiegel und musst den OAZ etwas kürzen.
    Gruß Matthias

    • star-watcher

      Hallo Matthias
      Danke für den Tipp. Den Blendenring hab ich gleich mit dem Teleskop mitbestellt, aber noch nicht eingebaut. Und ja, der Auszug ragt ganz schön weit in den Tubus…

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