1. Ron

    Thank you! I followed your procedure on my first image from Nikon D750 / Sky-Watcher 100ED of the SH2-171 nebula (20 images, 120 sec exposure, ISO 1600). Came out much better than expected!
    The only question I have is in your description you said to apply the the LinearFit using the channel with the smallest median value as reference (red in your case). However, in the video of the workflow it appears you used the blue as reference. Or it was just took quick!
    Thanks again!

    • star-watcher

      Hi Ron. I assume you refer to my processing workflow video. Yes, in the video the red channel has the lowest median value. And at this few seconds you can clearly see that I select the red channel (light_BINNING_1_integration_R) as reference for LinearFit: https://youtu.be/wa0gfH-_UnE?t=161
      Anyway, please keep in mind that the whole process is surely extendable and shows only my workflow on that time. Meanwhile I simplyfied the process for myself and returned to a less aggressive processing… but I’m still using LinearFit like described in the video 🙂
      BTW: the process in the video is also described here step-by-step: https://www.star-watcher.ch/image-processing/my-processing-workflow/
      Clear Skies

  2. Ron

    Hello Karol,
    I was watching this video: https://www.star-watcher.ch/image-processing/remove-cls-ccd-tint-in-pixinsight/
    Thank you for pointing me to the new workflow!

    • star-watcher

      Hi Ron
      Oh, then I was wrong… in the video you’ve watched the blue channel has the lowest median value.
      The video for my processing workflow is my old processing workflow. The new one I’ve not documented yet.
      Clear Skies

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