This was a bit challenging after 3 years break. I simply didn’t take the moon into account… 🙁

I started to capture the Dark Shark Nebula a few days ago when the moon was already visible from midnight. Bad idea…
Even at 4° altitude above horizon the Moon reflects too much light to capture dark nebulae, no matter if the target object is on the other side of the sky. Especially for dark nebulae it has to be really dark!

For comparison 2 single subs from 2 sessions. The first sub is from May 27th, the second from May 31th. Each captured around 23:30 CET, a half hour before the astronomical twilight. The difference is huge.
The moon was only about 4° altitude (like on the Stelarium screenshot above) on the left sub. And if it also had been taken with 240s exposure time, the difference would be much more intensive!

My result of the Dark Shark Nebula, 2x drizzled and downsampled to original resolution.
Still too much light pollution and not enough lights for this Dark Shark:


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