Jul 8

Lightning, 2015/07/08

After a next hot summer day very heavy storms were predicted for this night. And yes, it was huge! So many lightning 🙂  

Jul 2

Ursa Major

Ursa Major (Great Bear) Previous shot of Ursa Major with exposure time 18 x 6s at ISO800

May 30

East Sky, 2015/05/28

Again I shot series of images of the sky to stack them later. The second image was exposed too long. 13 seconds was too much for this low angle. The first shooting angle was about 50° (declination), the second somewhere about 5°. Direction: East / South East  

May 29

East sky, 2015/05/27

Last night I shot with ISO800 instead of ISO1600 (like in the past days). Also I shot a whole series of 5-10 photos to stack them later. The result is realy nice 🙂 To stack the photos I use the freeware Deep Sky Stacker. Direction: North East

May 26

West sky

This evening I tested different exposure times with 55mm focal length. For my chosen viewing field of about 50° declination 8 neither 10 seconds is too long. I see trails. Very short, but they are there 🙁 Direction: West