Aug 27

Moon, 2015/08/27

Because of the barlow 2x lense the moon is too big for one single image. Therefore I combined 2 single images, one with the left and one with the right half of the moon. The result looks fantastic for me 😀 Map of the moon with Apollo landing sites:

Jul 1


The summer is here! My first shot of Saturn… I need a bigger telescope 😉

May 31

Moon, 2015/05/29

For the third time I shot the moon with the Skywatcher Explorer 130P, the Canon EOS 100D and a 2x barlow lens. This setup enlarges the focal length to 1300mm. But one point remains… this Skywatcher focuser is not for photography purposes… Its very hard to find the focus and stay at the good point. Anyway… […]

Apr 28

Moon, 2015/04/28

I’m still awating for my first telescope… I feel a thrill of anticipation 🙂 So I tried to take my first moon picture with the little Canon IXUS 160.