Jan 14

Remove tint in PixInsight

Images taken with the Astronomik CLS-CCD Filter have a very strong color tint. In my case the tint was cyan and now green with the modified EOS 70D. Anyway, PixInsight offers many ways to calibrate the stacked image. I’ll show here one possible process (wich I also use for my images). Note: Because I use a modified […]

Jan 6

SubframeSelector – PixInsight

After a nightly session the first thing to do is to analyse the lights. This can be done visually or mathematically. Or both 😉 First of all I pre-sort the lights visually. But since I use an AutoGuider I can use almost every light frame. Only if there are air planes or satellites I’ll sort […]

Nov 26

Stacking in PixInsight

This tutorial is for the old PixInsight version 1.8.5. Click here for the latest PixInsight version 1.8.8-7 tutorial. In PixInsight 1.8 the stacking process is really easy to handle. Very similar to DeepSkyStacker, but the result is much better. The image is overall sharper. The following settings and values I’ve collected during the last half […]

Jan 4

My DeepSkyStacker Settings

With the following settings I get the best stacking results with DeepSkyStacker 3.3.2 in combination with my Astronomik CLS CCD Clip Filter. With this filter the images have a strong cyan-blue tint. I use Canon RAW files for stacking. Options – Raw/FITS DDP Settings Uncheck White Balance Select “Bilinear Interpolation” or in some cases “Adaptive Homogenety-Directed Interpolation (AHD)” See DSS […]