Nov 13

M45 Pleiades

I did a re-stacking and re-processing of the RAW files of the Pleiades with PixInsight. What a difference 🙂 Faint cloudy structures around the Pleiades group are visible now. Details  

Jun 22

M39 cluster

The weather was not so good this evening… but I catched a cloud free 1-hour window 🙂 Here is my first shot of open cluster M39 – NGC 7092.

May 30

M13 star cluster

My first attempt to shot M13 (NGC 6205) star cluster with the Canon EOS 100D on the Skywatcher Explorer 130P. Unfortunately with the Skywatcher 130P I can only focus an object, if I use a 2x Barlow lens to double the focal length. And because of the azimutal GoTo mount, I have to keep the exposure time low: […]