Jun 20

Sh2-101 Tulip Nebula

There are many interesting Sh2 objects. One more nice area in Cygnus: the Tulip Nebula with nice nebulosity around it. Details 2x drizzled:

Jun 19

Sh2-114 Flying Dragon Nebula

I decided to spend one more night shoot the Flying Dragon Nebula. Combined now the image contains 3 hours of lights. The result is much better than before, but the nebula is still very very faint… the longer exposure reveals more details in the faint nebula from the great wings of the dragon. Anyway, it […]

Jun 18

Sh2-114 Flying Dragon Nebula

OK, this one was really a challenge… first, it was very windy and a little bit cloudy. Second, I lost the guide star and therefore more than 1 hour was worthless (86 total acquired lights = 215minutes) … Actually I don’t know why… everything was fixed well. An acoustic alarm if the guide star is […]

Jun 17

NGC7380 Wizard Nebula

The Wizard Nebula, for the first time with modified DSRL and drizzled 2x. The weather was not excellent… but I’m quite happy with the result. And finally the nights starts becoming longer again soon… Details

May 29

IC1396 Elephant Trunk Nebula

Again I had to realize that the Elephant Trunk Nebula is very very faint. The modified DSLR captured more colors than last year unmodified, but next time I need more lights. Anyway I’m surprised with the result because it was very high temparature (RAW shows about 30°C sensor temperature) and not 100% clear weather. Details […]

May 27

Cygnus Loop 400mm

With more focal length it is no more possible to catch the whole Cygnus loop on one image… 400mm seems to be the limit 😉 Details

May 26

NGC7000 & IC5070

North America and Pelican Nebula in Swan. First time at 400mm focal length. And again a rewarding target for my modified 70D. Details

May 22

Cygnus Region around Sadr

Continue to capture the wonderful Cygnus regions… this time region around Sadr. Best to show the advantage of a DSLR modification. The HII regions are glowing 🙂 Details

May 21

NGC6888 Crescent Nebula

Finally clear sky after raining the whole day yesterday… a wonderful area in Cygnus constellation: the Crescent Nebula and nebulosity around it. I re-focused 3 times. I started shooting without let the lens cooling down first… I don’t know if the low temperatures was responsible for de-focusing… Details crop 2x drizzle:

May 17

M27 Dumbbell Nebula 400mm

Yesterday I shooted M92 cluster because no other object was well in sight. Until 0:30h CET. M27 came in perfect position so I decided to stop M92 shooting, and I switched to M27 at the same settings (400mm, f/5.6, ISO1600, 120s). This way I was able to use the darks and bias frames (taken after […]