Oct 15

B 22 Taurus Dark Cloud (4′)

The weather is still good 🙂 Again B22 Taurus dark cloud nebula. This time 240s exposure instead of 120s. Much better result than my first image. Details Now I have more than 5 hours lights. Combined image from 2 sessions (46 x 240s + 74 x 120s = 332minutes) Session 2 image (46 x 240s, […]

Oct 14

B 22 Taurus Dark Cloud (2′)

A very special object. NGC2087 surrounded by Barnard 22 interstellar matter. I had no idea what to expect regarding to a single 120s preview image… I like the result but it will be worth to invest more time in it 😉 Details

Oct 12

NGC281 Pacman Nebula

I was surprised by the fact, that I never shot the Pacman Nebula during the last 2 years. So this evening was a good possibility for it 🙂 f/5.6, drizzled 2x Details

Sep 21

M 45 Pleiades

Since weeks bad weather… but yesterday I had luck 🙂 So, again M45 Pleiades (how wonderful to focus with the Bahtinov mask because of the bright stars…), this time at f/5.6. Therefore no spikes. It looks more realistic to me with the round stars and no spikes… Drizzled 2x and resampled to original resolution. Details

Aug 26

NGC7293 Helix Nebula

Yeah. I got more lights 🙂 I had luck with the weather… it was risky to drive on Gurnigel. I had to wait 1 hour… but then clear sky 🙂 The Helix nebula looks very very similar to M57 regarding shape and colors. Very interesting… 2x drizzled and resized to original resolution. Includes the lights from […]

Aug 23

NGC7293 Helix Nebula

It was on top of my shooting list: the Helix Nebula The night started very good. But I had to wait for the Helix Nebula because it is very very low… Unfortunately clouds arrived quickly so I had to stop shooting… Shooting the Helix Nebula at Gurnigel (clouds arriving from west):   NGC 7293 Helix […]

Aug 15

IC59 & IC63 Ghost Nebula

Clear sky today 🙂 The ghosts of Cassiopeia… The star Navi (Gamma Cassiopeiae) is perfect for focusing (mag. 2.15)! Absolutely clear pattern visible. Details Drizzled 2x, reprocessed, resized to original resolution:

Jul 17


Finally clear sky 🙂 And a new (for me) beautiful nebula region. 2021 reprocessed with slightly different/new processing steps. 2x drizzled, scaled down to original resolution. The old version is still available on AstroBin. Details Cropped, 2x drizzled, resized to fit original resolution: