Dec 30

NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula

I started on our local mountain Weissenstein… but it was so windy… impossible to work… Finally I ended again on Gurnigel 🙂 It was also very windy at the beginning… good I decided to stay longer. It was it worth 😉 Details

Dec 28

IC 434 Horsehead Nebula

Perfect start into holidays with IC 434 Horsehead Nebula and his beautyful neighbor NGC 2024 Flame Nebula 🙂 What a wonderful clear and cold night at 1600m on Gurnigel. The next days it should stay clear… hope for some more shots of this area 🙂 Details

Nov 30

IC 443 Jellyfish Nebula

Yes! What a wunderful (cold) clear night! Finally… after weeks bad weather… This time at ISO3200. Just for testing… because of this comparison. I like the result 😉 Details

Nov 25

Jellyfish Nebula (Preview)

Very bad weather compared to last year… This evening I catched again a little cloud free window and I could make a preview of my next target, the Jellyfish Nebula IC 443. Bad conditions and only 20 minutes exposure time, so the result is not really good. Anyway, here is the image:

Oct 30

First Light EOS 70Da

First light with my modified EOS 70D (80-85% H-Alpha-Sensitivity). Unfortunately the weather is very bad since a few weeks…. but yesterday I catched a little cloud-free window so I could test my “new” modified DSLR. Only 12 minutes exposure time, the red big nebula of IC405 is more visible than before with 1h exp.time. And […]