Aug 21

M33 Triangulum Galaxy

Yes! Clear Sky! Like every year 🙂 , again M33 Triangulum Galaxy. This time without color manipulation. Details And here the drizzled one. Same processing, other white balance, 2x drizzled:

Aug 3

M31 Andromeda

This is my second M31 Andromeda attempt at 400mm fl. Now focused with the Bahtinov mask, modified DSLR and more acquired lights compared to last year (2016: 130x90s, Now: 113x120s). Only 2 nights. It was the max I could reach due to the bad wheater… really bad this year 🙁 And I tried to process […]

Feb 27

Leo Triplet

So many galaxies in Leo… the biggest 3 (starting top clockwise): NGC3628 Sarah’s or Hamburger Galaxy, M65, M66 and on the right the smaller galaxy NGC 3593. Details 2x drizzled: standard integration crop:

Feb 16

M97 and M108 (560mm)

Today evening I did a test shot with the EF 400mm f/5.6L and Kenko 1.4x converter at 560mm f/8. Only 24 minutes… in a cloud free phase. With much more subs it could be an interesting combination… Details