Mar 5

NGC 4236 Galaxy

The next galaxy. A very faint one. NGC 4236. And again no freezes on my GEM28 during this 5 hours session 🙂 Anyway, I checked the guide star position every 10 minutes… Details

Mar 1

M 106 and companions

My GEM28 worked very well last night. No freezes this time. And what a beautiful (but cold) night. Messier 106 had the best position for shooting at home. 4 hours exposure time, but I removed the light polluted subs from the beginning at 20:00h. Details

Feb 9

Review – iOptron GEM28

I own the iOptron GEM28 now for more than a half year. The first 3 months were horrible in terms of guided DEC performance, until I found the proper gear meshing and axis stiction by try-and-error. Now I’m satisfied with the guiding 🙂 Read more about my attempts here: Latest Update Part I Sept. 12, 2021 […]

Feb 8

NGC 2903 Galaxy

Yesterday I had 2 problems on my GEM28. First, the hand controller menu button didn’t work (to start the star alignment), but since my GEM still was in zero position I simply switched it off and on. Later one more time my GEM28 freezed, after 18 exposures. So annoying! Nevertheless I was able to take […]

Feb 6

NGC 2683 UFO Galaxy

And the next galaxy 🙂 This time the NGC 2683 UFO Galaxy. To my surprise there is also a small interacting galaxy (IC 2421) in the lower left part. Again no freeze/crash on my GEM28. But I don’t trust it… I did the math: 24 sessions total –> 6 freezes! So on averaga every fourth […]

Jan 31

The Phantom Frisbee Galaxy

Yeah, no crash/freeze this time on my GEM28! The whole session (around 5 hours) went without problems 🙂 Why not always like this… I really only need more focal length for all the small galaxies like the Silver Sliver Galaxy and this one: NGC 3079 The Phantom Frisbee Galaxy, at 50 million light years distance. […]

Jan 7

Fly- and Spider Nebula

Yesterday I took the chance to shot the Fly- and Spider Nebula and some cluster neighbors, but had to stop after 1.5 hours due to clouds (in contrary to the weather forecast). Additional I had a forced 15 minutes break: my GEM28 had again a crash/freeze. I had to reset everything: back to zero position […]

Jan 1

M 81, M 82 & NGC 3077

Happy New Year!!! Finally clear sky after almost months of bad weather… Anyway, after midnight it got foggy, so only 1h45′ integration time for M 81 Bode’s Galaxy, M 82 Cigar Galaxy and NGC 3077. Hope for more clear nights for 2022! Details

Dec 27

Retrospective 2021

It was a short year (weather…), but I’ve enough images for a new restrospective 🙂 After a 3 year break I upgraded my equipment with a new mount, the iOptron GEM28. After a few problems I’m very happy with it now. Time to upgrade also the optics! Next year for sure 😉 So, I hope […]

Nov 29

Bad Weather… Affiliate Links

Since 3 weeks continuous bad weather… it’s so annoying! After shooting the California Nebula there were not a single clear night. But that’s (unfortunately) part of this hobby 😉 Affiliate Links So, in the mean time I registered as affiliate partner on Really cool they offer this. Besides, is my preferred astro […]